Sunday, October 14, 2007

After wandering around for about 30 minutes yesterday afternoon, Paul and I finally managed to find a pub that wasn't completely packed with the Tartan Army and was showing the Euro 2008 qualifier match between Scotland and Ukraine.

It was a brilliant (and somewhat frantic - for me at least) game that Scotland won: 3-1. The pub we watched it in was brimming with all kinds of punters: old men drinking real ales, borderline goth kids, university students, the odd tourist, tattooed dudes wearing bomber jackets that I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, and Paul and I.

Perhaps I'm somewhat naive when I say that it was really amazing to watch a Scottish football team and not feel divided; everyone was totally chatting away to each other, yapping to strangers, and hugging each other when the final whistle blew. Maybe that's why the Tartan Army (Scotland supporters) were named the World's Most Friendliest Football Supporters. I've said it before - Glaswegians are the most aggressively friendly folks I've ever met. Sure, they be wasted but they're still the most chatty punters on earth.

After the game, Paul and I wandered over to one of our favourite pubs and met up with a bunch of friends to carry on the celebration. Throughout the evening, the door would burst open and in would strut some dudes draped in the Scottish flag.

I guess most people felt like celebrating last night, because even that dude from Mogwai (Stuart Braithwaite) was in the pub last night - although he appeared to be having a more civilised dinner rather a session of boozing (like yours truly).

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