Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am like that hobo dog from the 80s Canadian tv show - I just keep moving on. In the last year and a half, I have lived in three different flats (not including the two flats I crashed at when I was a homeless immigrant).

Paul and I took the day off work yesterday and moved from one side of Kelvingrove Park to the other. Admittedly, most of the heavy lifting was done by Paul as he carried CDs, a large TV and suitcases of clothes up three flights of stairs.

Whereas my old studio flat stunk of stale cigarettes - thanks namely to my neighbour who smoked 24/7 inside - my new place smells like...wood? Pine? This flat is decked out in original decor from god knows when; there is even a chandelier and gas fireplace in the living room. I'm too afraid to work it, so it is now Paul's part-time job to work as the chimney maintenance man.


Squirmy Popple said...

It looks nicer than my neighbourhood!

Bobbyd said...

Chandelier are sooooo LAST YEAR! Unless its a black onyx one Phillip Stark designed :-)

Happy you guys managed to do it in one day!