Monday, October 01, 2007

This Past Weekend I:

- Went to Paul's Grandmother's 80th birthday party and fell asleep on the sofa

- Was told by Paul's Grandfather that the English are trying to distill and re-write Scottish history via BBC Scotland's programme, "The Clans: The MacGregors". Also informed that for years the weather in Scotland has been skewed to show it was always raining to discourage folks from visiting as tourists

- Went to a party on Saturday night and did not get home until 5.00am on Sunday morning. Glaswegians are not ones to leave until all the free booze has been consumed and they're properly pished

- Found a flat and will be moving, hopefully, mid-October. The new flat is still in the West end but located on the other side of Kelvingrove Park and is closer to my work. I was getting sick of my slumlord, who would take MONTHS to fix anything in my flat. Another thing that sucks: the hun neighbours who smoke 24-7 stinking the whole joint up with stale cigarette smoke and who scream when Rangers score, scaring the living bejesus outta me.

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STAG said...

Have a nice move!

(love the urban dictionary's version of "hun".)