Friday, November 16, 2007

"If feminism is considered incompatible with love, it is likewise seen as a threat to femininity itself."
Hey, good news for us feminists! According to a study by researchers at Rutgers University, Feminists are happier in love and better in bed. From the article:
"What the Rutgers researchers actually found was that, in a survey of college students and older adults, all in heterosexual relationships, men paired with feminist partners reported greater relationship stability and sexual satisfaction. In addition, there was consistent evidence that male feminist partners were healthier for women's relationships, while there was scant evidence that women's feminism created conflict in liaisons. "
The article from the Guardian, by Libby Brooks, is definitely worth a read and if you are a decent human being at all, you will read it!
More from the article:
"Katha Pollitt, the award-winning poet, essayist and Nation columnist, ponders this in her recent memoir, Learning to Drive. 'Perhaps the way women think about love is part of that slave religion Nietzsche talks about, a mystification of the powerless,' she writes. 'What would the world be like if women stopped being women ... gave up the slave religion? Could the world go on without romantic love, all iron fist, no velvet glove?'
Or as Jessica Valenti, founder of and voice of a fresh generation of US feminists, more succinctly puts it: 'If I'd spent half the energy on my career and school stuff as I did on my relationships, I'd probably be the fucking president by now.'"
Too true, sister.

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