Saturday, November 24, 2007


Paul finally agreed to take me along to a football match - mainly because his usual companion (his Dad) managed to get fancy schmancy seats inside the posh rooms that are actually indoors, heated, and have decent views of the field.

Paul and I, ready for the kick off. The game was Celtic v Aberdeen. Celtic won 3-0!

Hoops huddling.

Not sure what this sign said. Something to the effect of "Sod the Bigots: I know my history". I have no idea what it's in reference to but probably something that happened 500 years ago. Whatever, I can barely remember what happened last week and who pissed me off, let alone 500 years ago.

The game was good and overall, a lot of fun. You know what was not fun? Walking through the muddy paths and puddles in the freezing rain to get to the stadium. It's really strange that Celtic Park (the stadium) is literally in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by fields. I suppose I'm used to the corporate, advert-ridden stadiums of North America. For example, the Skydome (where the Toronto Blue Jay Baseball team are based) is attached to a Hard Rock Cafe (gross, I know but I prefer it to muddy fields). The Air Canada Centre (where my hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs and basketball team, the Toronto Raptors are located) is right in the middle of downtown Toronto, amidst a flurry of tacky tourist shops.

Another major cultural difference between the Scottish and Canadian stadiums? NO BOOZE!

Here's my video of Celtic scoring against Aberdeen:

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