Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yesterday, the Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond (leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party) announced plans for Scotland to separate from the United Kingdom by 2017 - making it the first time the SNP have publicly acknowledged a deadline for independence. Although it makes for great press coverage, I'm skeptical of the reality of a separate Scotland.

Despite voting for the SNP (Commonwealth citizens who reside in Scotland can vote), I'm a little weary of independence. Yes, it's true - I voted for them even though I wasn't that keen on Salmond; I think I was drawn in by the SNP's promise to scrap the bloody council tax (they have devised plans to freeze the rate for 3 years) and the (broken) promise to PAY OFF ALL STUDENT DEBTS.

And while the First Minister is right to point out that Scotland is home to 90% of North Sea oil, (which in effect would subsidise Scotland's independence), I'm just not sure that Mr. Salmond and his party will be in office long enough to lead our great small nation to independence. I don't know about you, but this student loan-ridden and council tax paying resident is pissed!

Read more: The Guardian has a funny and quirky take on the UK without Scotland.


STAG said...

Separatism is always a good idea until you need to team up.

Tartan Hero said...

I know you feel disappointed that your student loans are not getting paid off tomorrow (UK Govt and Labour/Lib Dem/Tory alliance in Scots Parly to thank for that) but you do know you would never get them paid off for you in Canada.. so have heart and hang on in there a bit longer.

But your Council Tax is now frozen for the next 3 years.

Yet hardly anyone is giving a minority SNP administration any thanks for a real-term cut.

I'm not in it for short-term gain though.. long term ridding of Trident (£25-100billion), Hunterston and Torness (£7-10billion legacy of nuclear waste), illegal international wars... do you want me to go on? Frankly, we have never had it so good despite the lies about broken promises.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for your response, Tartan Hero - despite your agenda (i.e. you are on the SNP payroll).

I am disappointed in the SNP for the LIES and broken promises about paying off student debt (and scraping council tax). And no, I would not have my loans paid off in Canada, but I voted with my Scottish boyfriend in mind (he just graduated from law at Strathclyde).

And yes, my council tax is frozen but at the expense of what?!

Seems to me that the SNP has begun to lean more to the right that I am comfortable with.

However, I have only myself to blame for being so naive and assuming that politicans (and the SNP) would stick to their words. Shit, at this rate, I might as well vote Labour.