Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: Year In Review

Today is Hogmanay ("New Year's Eve" for the folks across the pond), and in some respects, it's even bigger than Christmas in Scotland. Tonight, the streets will be flooded with semi-conscious and inebriated Scottish people yelping and whooping in a language that somewhat resembles English. And I will be amongst them. This will be my first-ever Hogmanay in Scotland, and I can only guess that it's going to resemble something out of I am Legend and be absolute pandemonium.

Prior to joining the masses of pale-skin boozin' zombies however, I thought I would take a quick wee look back over the year that was 2007. Being one for making sweeping statements and grandious announcements, I also want to proclaim that 2007 has honestly been one of the best years of my life.

- 2006 ended with a big blowout fight with my family in Canada. Yaaaaah! And started with a whimper in Toronto.

- In January: I went to one of the best parties EVER: Mike and Erica's engagement party (they married in October); sabotaged yet another date; the ceiling of my rented flat in North Kelvinside collapsed while I was out at the movies; hypothesized that Scottish people don't date; was immortalised in a Scottish newspaper.

- In February: I almost stepped on a needle; revealed the truth for why I wanted to move back to Glasgow; got INTO LAW SCHOOL- HOLY SHIT!!! (I declined); on February 15, I met Paul, (now my boyfriend), for the first time and then proceeded to go on one of the best dates ever with him (basically, YouTube is responsible for getting us together).

- In March: I went to Dundee with my friend, Kate, to visit our friend, Lauren, totally hung over; grew a bit sympathetic for Americans; weighed whether or not I should go to law school; felt homesick and missed my coco baby Bombo a lot; celebrated my one year anniversary in Glasgow!

- In April: MY BROTHER and his partner came to town (come back soon, you guys!); proclaimed my love for this crazy city (again); moved outta North Kelvinside.

- In May: I voted in the Scottish elections for the first time!; fed tablet to a squirrel and discovered Paul is a messy eater; received the best GIFT EVER - Bombo bought a ticket to Glasgow!

I also turned 28.

- In June: I retorted to Martin Newland's article, that appeared in Macleans, announcing England (does that include Scotland??!) was rotting; got lost in the highlands with Bombo (notice he has rolled up his sleeves to work on his tan):- heard some ladies snort coke in a restaurants washroom and was immediately grossed out - I really hate coke and the people who insist on doing it public places.

- In July: the "terrorists" attack Glasgow - Jeeps ablaze at the airport and Fopp closes shop; saw my first Orange walk in person; got a job at an organisation that I dreamed and hoped that I would one day work for; it rained EVERY. SINGLE. DAY in the summer - ever since Bombo went back to Canada; hypothesised (again!) that the Nanny government of the UK treats its citizens as babies and we acted accordingly.

- In August: I cooked my first "Sunday roast" for paul and went on holiday to Canada!

- In September: For Paul's birthday, I bought us tickets to go to Banff, Alberta!

Went to London, for work, and got sick of people telling me how! great! London! is!

- In October: I went to Erica's hen weekend with a brutal cold and uhh, the barn burnt down!? Watched the Scotland v Ukraine game and saw that dude from Mogwai; I moved yet again - outta the slumville where I had been living! Mike and Erica GOT MARRIED!

- In November: Glasgow won the Commonwealth 2014 games! Scotland played France for a place in the Euro 2008 games - and lost; I went to my first football game! Coco baby turned...older.

- In December: some douchebag sales assistant mocked my accent - and I caught him! I was awoken by an Orange parade right outside my flat.

Funny side note that I didn't write: after being awoken by the march, I went into the living room, opened the window and started screaming, "BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Paul, naked, ran into the living room and exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing?! Do you want to get us killed!? Don't be so daft!!!"

Whatever. Orange marches are soooo 1980s, people.

Also, they're antagonising, vulgar, and boring. Marching through a religiously divided city under the banner of "celebrating heritage", is like me marching on a native reserve in Canada, commemorating the slaughter / victory of white people over Native Canadians. Move on, people. Also, get some decency.

And with that...


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SharClark said...

Happy New Year to you, too! You have had an exciting year! I really like the way you write!

I have another question: Have you been to many Highland weddings? I'm putting a wedding scene in my story and I need some current information on how they go, what's included, what's traditional, what people wear, etc. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

If you go to my blog or profile, there's a link to my email and you can send stuff there, so I'm not making you muck up your own blog too much!

Again, I really appreciate all your help!

I hope 2008 will be your best year now!