Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Scottish boyfriend likes to mock my love and adoration of Tesco; he just doesn't understand how I could be so excited by a big grocery store. I've written about my obsession with Tesco before and I have to admit that my obsession has been further fuelled by two events: 1. Paul's recent acquisition of a 14-year old BMW and 2. the recent opening of the HUGE open 24 hours Tesco at Silverburn.

And it was yesterday that I felt vindicated with Julie Burchill's article in the Guardian entitled, "Why I love Tesco (and why people who don't should get a life)". Just a snippet of her hilarious article:

"People who are against Tesco are the sort of people who 50 years ago would have been against labour-saving devices on the grounds that they might conceivably give women time to put their feet up, have a cup of tea and watch daytime telly for half an hour."

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cameron said...

I love Tesco too. Those great black reusable grocery bags are brilliant!

I guess we will have to come back to Scotland to see the new 24 hour Tesco. Maybe Paul will take us in that 14 year old BMW. Sounds hot.