Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This will be the first year that I have ever missed a Christmas with my family in Canada. It was a tough decision but having been home recently in August/September, and flight prices starting at £600, I thought that financially, it made more sense to stay in Glasgow.

Of course, I won't be entirely alone: Paul and I will spend Christmas Eve at my flat and then do the traditional "Divorced Parents Christmas Circuit" the following morning; some traditions transcend borders, I guess.

Nevertheless, as this will be my first Christmas in Scotland, we decided to have a pre-Christmas cocktail party with friends and family. So, there I was: thinking about what to serve at the party when horror of horrors, I learn that EGGNOG DOES NOT EXIST OVER HERE?! First CANNED PUMPKIN, ALFREDO SAUCE, TIM HORTONS and now this?! Where will it end?!

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