Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A very Scottish Christmas: the ned nativity scene. Hilarious!

I know I already wrote about this last year but again, my Canadian cultural sensitivities are pleasantly surprised: Scottish folk LOVE the Christian festival that is Christmas!

As I mentioned last year, the Scottish do not shy away from wishing one another a "merry Christmas", exchanging Christmas cards, or just taking two weeks holiday over the err...holidays! In fact, right now, a choir are singing Christmas carols in my workplace to a HUGE audience!? Or perhaps the crowd is being drawn by the mulled wine and mince pies.

Nevertheless, I relay the story from a couple years ago, wherein Boston wanted to rename it's Christmas tree to a "Holiday" tree, to my Scottish friends - who mainly just look puzzled. The tree is merely a means to an end, they argue. That is, the end result being drinking and eating too much, time off work, and late night curry take-aways.

So, overall, being an atheist (more or less; it fluctuates depending on how much I am fearing death on a certain day), I don't mind Christmas at all. In fact, I would hasten to say that I love Christmas for the grotesque consumerist holiday that it's become!

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