Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This past weekend, Paul and I finally bought a Christmas tree - a Nordman Fir. When we finally managed to track some down, my initial response was, "...they're so small?!" I guess I've become accustomed to huge trees a la National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: trees so huge, they barely fit into your living room. When I was a kid, I remember going out to Christmas tree "farms" and cutting down ginormous beasts of a tree.

Anyway, I finally managed to take photos of the flat I moved into in October.

Here's the bedroom.



This is the wee "extra" room off the kitchen. The futon pulls out into a comfortable bed, or so I have been told. Currently, the room is being used as Paul's "dressing room". See Paul gets up before I do and because he is such a sweet boyfriend (or rather, because I am a beast when woken from a deep slumber), Paul gets dressed and ready so as not to awake me from my dreams of unicorns, rainbows, marshmallows, and sunshine (thanks, Bob)!

Living room - with electric fireplace!

The Christmas tree, which I finally got around to decorating this evening! Also, Paul's feet/slippers in the foreground. MOTHER - note that I have not opened your gifts (see large green package to the right).

Christmas tree and Paul.
Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree!


Anonymous said...

very nice place, cant wait to visit in the spring/summer and try out that futon! Oh yeah and cute lil tree, ours is 11 feet tall ;)

Jennifer said...

Yeah! Come visit!

I am so jealous of your tree - I saw it on Cameron's site. Our tree was the largest you could get - a whopping 5 foot 6"!