Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yep, I live in a country wherein a 7.00pm closing time is considered late night shopping.

Paul took this photo as we walked across the mighty Clyde. Yeah, sure, "late night" shopping may be near to non-existent, but this city slays me; it's so beautiful, gritty, and just plain mental.


STAG said...

Just cleared a metre of snow from my driveway this morning. The river behind you is flowing, not ice covered. It is I who is mental for choosing to live in THIS country!

Squirmy Popple said...

Late night closing my arse.

Anonymous said...

Just came back from the Dufferin Mall where proudly displayed on the Walmart was a banner which read "OPEN 24 HOURS"
holy shit.


cameron said...

At 9:10pm last night I was so excited to call and find that Linens N' Things was open until 11pm. Woo Hoo!

Jennifer said...

Walmart is open 24 hours? Love it!

I miss late night shopping. You know what else I kinda miss? "Michaels" - yes, I am sad!

cameron said...

Now, The Bay and Zellers are open 24 hours until Christmas!!

Take that Scotland.