Monday, January 21, 2008

Newsflash: Canada is Cold, the Sky is Blue, and Other Obvious Statements

I have been in Kingston and Napanee, the past couple of days, visiting family all in the midst of a cold snap. It has been so cold, I have had to get my huge goose down coat out of storage because the flimsy wool coat I have been wearing in Glasgow, just doesn't cut it. I don't eat fowl but damn, it's pretty sweet to wear. It's not the most flattering of coats and I somewhat resemble a confused baby that's been rolled and tucked into a duvet and left out on a snowbank.

Speaking of snow, there's been quite a bit of it here.

Alas, I don't have the appropriate footwear with me (still in storage). Behold, my trainers that are almost lethal to walk over ice in:

Witness, said ice - Yes, this is the sidewalk, COVERED in ice:

A bunch of crazy Canadians ice skating in downtown Kingston:

In some ways, you almost forget just how cold it can get here. Otherwise, you might just not be able to cope come winter. It's all about preparation and more importantly, layers. And of course, the all important touque. I, however, seem to have lost my immunity to the cold because my face and skin are dry and itchy, and I swear to god, the cold weather seems to only highlight my wrinkles and pasty white face:
Oh man, my skin is so dry and itchy, I feel like dipping myself in a vat of Vaseline.


Anonymous said...

that was pretty yucky about the Vaseline! Only joking

Paul x

sakisister said...

welcome home!

i am convinced about the cold and wrinkles as well
Go to shoppers and buy some vit E oil. Its sticky as honey but put it on your face at night and in the morning.... your like a babies bottom

STAG said...

Good on you for sticking it out.