Sunday, January 13, 2008


This past weekend, Paul and I took a road trip to Girvan. Actually, Paul had some lawyer business to attend to there and since I'm keen to see ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in Scotland, he invited me along.

Girvan is about an hour and a half south west of Glagsow, on the West coast of Scotland. Girvan is an interesting wee town (population: about 7,000); it feels like a once prosperous fishing nucleus in a slow decline - which may well be the case since fishing stocks are in decline themselves. However, it is still a quaint town with a stunning view of the sea and Ailsa Craig.
Here I am, freezing ma butt off and looking generally miserable (I wasn't - just really cold).
View of the beach.

Look at that Scotch mist!

Here's Paul, freezing, and posing in front of the town/ beach/ Scotch mist.

Ailsa Craig, as seen from the shore of Girvan.

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STAG said...

It even LOOKS like a curling rock!

And not at all like the little town in Ontario.