Friday, February 08, 2008

I Survived Toronto SARS Flu or Photos From My Holiday in Baltic Canada

So there aren't too many pictures from my two weeks in Canada - mainly because I spent the second half of my holiday sweating in Bob's bed and having delusional dreams due to a fever. Anyway, here is Bob and I heading to the airport after wasting an entire week sweating in his plush bed. At least I managed to eat a burrito or two at Mitzi's Sister in Toronto and picked up a jug of maple syrup.

Isn't this SUCH a cute picture of my Bombo?

This one: not so much. This is Bombo showing me his bulldog pj's with the butt-flap hanging open (and unintentionally showing me his hairy ball bag too). I laughed so hard at this picture. This photo is almost as funny as this one from last Christmas.

Seymour and I.
When I first met Seymour in August, I thought he resembled a cocktail sausage wrapped in fur - and had the personality of one. I was like, "is thing alive?" Anyway, I got to know Seymour very well during my SARS stay in Toronto, and I totally fell in love with him. He no longer resembles a fur-coated cocktail sausage to me but rather, Slimer from Ghostbusters. He even eats like him too. Behold: See? Totally!

One day Bombo and I tried to eat a waffle joint in Kensington Market only to discover that it was ONLY open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. What the fuck?! If I wanted to try and eat at a restaurant with limited hours, I would have stayed in Europe! So, instead Bombo and I ate at one his favourite joints: King's Cafe - a totally vegetarian/ vegan restaurant. You know, for being a greasy Cypriot/ Greek - Canadian who loves his meat, Bombo sure does love this vegan place.

Now, being a vegetarian who currently eats fish (whatever, please don't leave me comments berating me for not being a "proper" vegetarian), I don't mind vegetarian food. Vegan food however: fuuuuuck. I can't believe that once upon a time, I was a strict vegan. It didn't last long because how could I NOT eat delicious yummy cheese? Besides, vegan food (see: egg-free mayonnaise and soy cheese) is fucking gross.


Kensington Market: home to white dudes with dreadlocks, smelly punk rockers, upper-middle-class students slumming it, and your average Toronto crackhead. Yeah, I love this place. No, seriously! I wish I had more time in August when I was in Toronto with Paul so I could have taken him there.
Just your average pot cafe in Kensington Market.
One of the many many many South American/ Latino joints.

Random dried bean stalls.

Dudes - I ate a BIG FAT BURRITO in "Big Fat Burrito" and it was soooooo fucking good. When is someone going to cash in in Glasgow, and open a burrito joint? Or, at the very least, a somewhat decent Mexican restaurant. After eating at THE WORST Mexican place EVER in Glasgow, I joked to Paul, "If I were Mexican, and came to eat at this restaurant, I would have killed myself by hurling my body into the Clyde, thinking that THIS disgusting place is what passes as great Mexican cuisine and what my culture has departed to Scotland!!!"

I thought it was funny. Paul did not.

And that was my trip back home to Toronto. Hopefully see you in the spring/summer, Toronto, and thanks again for the SARS flu!

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