Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Labour is the New Tory

The United "Kingdom": home of the British and now, soon to be home to migrants that can afford it.

In the news today, apparently the government, down in England, want to get rid of the current immigration system, which allows people to apply for naturalisation on the basis of how long they have lived in the UK, and replace it with a system that appears to be cooked-up by the Conservative party. Bear in mind that Labour - yes, Labour: that once left-leaning party - are in power.

According to the new process, wishful migrants will have to pass more tests, pay more fees, prove their integration into communities, and have to wait longer to become a citizen. Some migrants may also have to pay into a fund towards public services and have a period of "probationary citizenship". Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said future migrants would need to "earn" citizenship.

Yes, no longer is it acceptable to be a decent person, pass criminal background checks, and pay taxes; now you gotta work for that passport, baby! Unless of course you're rich enough and then you can just bypass all of these steps.

It’s interesting to note that these new requirements will not be mandatory for EU citizens. Europeans are apparently warmly-welcomed but we dirty migrants from Asia, Africa, and North America got to "prove" our worth.

Frankly, this proposed new system is a big pile of shit because it will exploit those migrants that are already struggling to afford the £1000+ it costs for citizenship documents. Also, how the hell do you prove "integration" into a community? I mean, I'm a honky from Canada with British ancestry but damn, sometimes even I struggle to navigate through British society. Like, it's ok to ask someone how much they pay in mortgage/rent but you can't ask them what class they are?! I can't tell you folks how many times I've made cultural faux-pas over here; like that time I was looking for loose vegetarian "beef" and was informed by the shop assistant that British people called it, "mince" - to which I replied, "that sounds an awful like minge. Better not get confused!"

Anyway, if I wanted this kind of hostility and suspicion of immigrants, I would have voted for the fucking Conservatives!

Ah, the irony - as a commonwealth citizen and resident of Scotland, I can vote, pay taxes (yet have no right to public funds), live in a "democratic" society, and yet I get screwed over and above British citizens.

THANKS A LOT, LABOUR! "If you value it, vote for it" and all that fucking bullshit, eh? I'll keep that in mind next time I vote.


ianinjesi said...

Spot on! Labour policies are straight from the Tory party but they are scared stiff of annoying middle England and any hint of old Labour would see them all in the Tower of London. Every morning that I hear about these policies on the radio I am becoming less surprised.
Nice blog! :-)
I have neglected my blog for a while but keep my name going in: I`m sure that blogger Kevin would be happy to hear your views about the Bhoys.

STAG said...

"shakes head"

Steve said...

Hey Jennifer
I am enjoying your blogs. I ,as you wish to move "over there" in the future. I grew up in T O , moved out west to Edmonton 21 years ago . I would like to retire there for a few years. What is your opinion of Kirkcaldy. It seems more affordable than the bigger cities. Thank you in advance

Jennifer said...

Well, I have never been to Kirkcaldy so don't have an opinion of it. My friend lived there, however, and she said it was boring. I'd encourage you to move to Scotland though but I think it might be a culture shock to someone who wished to retire here - especially if you're moving from Canada.