Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend in Pictures

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, Paul took me to the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of the mainland. It is so beautiful that words (and my pictures) do not do it justice.

Arran is often described as "Scotland the miniature" as it is divided into the highlands of the north and the lowlands of the south. To the north are rolling munros (hills) that are peppered with wee rivers. To the south are gorgeous views of Holy Island, which is home to a Buddhist retreat and community.

We saw all kinds of various sights: a huge stag with antlers, countless amounts of sheep (of course), an eagle or some bird of prey, and on the ferry ride over to Arran, we saw Former First Minister of Scotland, Jack McConnell. I wanted to tell him that I was inspired by his initiatives to encourage Canadians with Scottish ancestry to move to Scotland. Paul, however, told me not to and to leave poor Jack alone. It was weird seeing him amongst the throngs of punters and hill walkers.

Unfortunately when we arrived Saturday morning, it was windy, cold and raining on and off. Sunday, however, was absolutely gorgeous and sunny and we managed to see most of the island in the two days - mainly thanks to Paul's expert handling of his ancient BMW on the old windy roads. I shot some videos as we drove about the island.

At Whitting Bay, with a view of Holy Island in the background.

One of the many many sheep populating Arran.

Ruins of Lochranza castle.

One of the many many piles of sheep poop. You either need to wear rubber boots (wellys) or watch EVERY STEP YOU TAKE.

Brodrick castle.


Squirmy Popple said...

I LOVE the Isle of Arran. Adrian and I went a few years ago and stayed in a self-catering cottage in Lamlash, then spent a night in Lochranza. We walked around Brodick, visited the Holy Isle and saw standing stones in Machrie - all this without a car!

Jennifer said...

Aye, but you are an early 20s student who can get away with trekking about an island.

I, alas, am an old crotchety lady who is pushing 30 and likes the option of walking.