Friday, March 28, 2008

Tomorrow will mark my second year anniversary of moving to Glasgow.

Unbelievable; it feels like it was only yesterday I was at the Toronto International airport having a panic attack about moving to the UK. Best decision I ever made and panic attack I ever had.

Walking to work (in the rain, of course) this morning, I was thinking about when I lived here as a student in 1999/2000 and how I immediately fell in love with Glasgow and its "foreignness", to put it mildly. From the people, to the buildings, to the food (yes, even the food) - I loved it all and was devastated when I returned to Canada.

I vividly remember sobbing on the ferry ride back to the mainland from the Isle of Lewis, after spending one of my last summer weekends there. I remember standing on the ferry, waving my arms like a spaz at my friend at, who was back at the port, with tears and snot running down my face. I was returning back to Glasgow to pack my stuff and head back to Toronto.

Another memory from my student days was hearing Kylie for the first time. I was in Bennets with my fellow-Canadian and straight friend, Ben, my brother and SAJ, a Scottish/ South African friend when the gays and hags suddenly went wild.

"What is this"? I asked SAJ.

"Kylie, 'Spinning Around'"


Back then, Kylie wasn't known on the other side of the Atlantic at all.

So, Glasgow, this one is for you:

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Pascale Clerk said...

Glasgow does that to you... I know the feeling.