Thursday, April 03, 2008

Scotland: Get it up Yae!
This kid looks about as enthused as I am about Tartan Day in Toronto

Apparently today is the first-ever Tartan Day in Toronto.

How gauche.

Interesting how the SNP have been paying lip service about expanding the image of Scotland - beyond the plaid, whiskey, and shortbread - around the world and to encapsulate the cultural and artistic wealth that is Scotland. Instead the event looks to be the standard highland dancing, kilted-dudes singing "Oh Danny Boy" and "Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond", and loads of white-haired ladies fondly remembering the days of yore.

How about creating an exciting image of what Scotland is really all about? Get rid of the bag pipers and bring in a chorus of drunk dudes singing The Fratelli's song, Chelsea Dagger, all the while jumping about as they drunkenly sing along? Or what about bringing Paolo Nutini to town to sing with a legion of girls screaming at him in Glaswegian slang? Or better yet, set up an outdoor pub in Nathan Phillips and have some real, live, proper Glaswegians sitting around having a blether and chinwag about the weather, World Ward Two, the merits of The Smiths, and how shit Franz Ferdinand are.

After everyone has had a right good piss up, get Toronto's Finest (a.k.a. the cops) to chase everyone out of Nathan Phillips Square and to top it all over, finish the night with curry and chips (french fries).

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