Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gosh, don't you just love football and the (sometimes) violent fanatics that support certain teams? Ugh.

I have to admit: I am embarrassed that these images are being broadcast around the world, portraying Scottish people (or rather, men) as drunk thugs! This is not true so please, dear family and friends back in Canada, do not believe that I live in a country populated by violent and barbaric troglodytes. Yes, there are pockets of some but overall, Scottish people are lovely and warm creatures with an irreverent sense of humour!

Regarding the Uefa cup final last night, I read an interesting comment on Limmy's blog. Some dude named Murphy wrote:

"I’m fuckin embarrassed anaw

answer me this though - how come the tartan army, comprising of both celtic and rangers supporters, gets comended on their good (if loud and drunken) behaviour all over the world - but in glasgow it’s fuckin high noon constantly?

eh - wits that all aboot?"

Yeah, what is that all about?


Anonymous said...

This is because in my experience precious few Rangers and Celtic supporters actually attend Scotland away games. As a Rangers fan who has been away with the TA I can testify to the surprised looks when people find out you support one of the Old Firm.

WDH59510 said...

You might want to find out where exactly the thugs come from before making such quick assertions. How do you know they were all Scottish ?

Jennifer said...

George - interesting, so it's the rest of the Scottish people then? ha.

Wdh59510 - my point was that the media portrays that the fans are SCOTTISH attending a SCOTTISH match. However, with the mass exodus out of Glasgow on Tuesday and Wednesday, I would say that yeah, a lot of them were Scottish.

I didn't say it on the blog post but i will say it here - it seems that some Rangers fans are fucking arrogant thug pigs who beat police men and trash cars! How's that for assertions!?

WDH59510 said...

Whatever you may say about my club's followers - I don't think I deserve bad language in a response. And I too believe that much of the behaviour from fellow Scots in Manchester left a lot to be desired (how prepared Manchester was is another matter).
I would not generalise about (say) the Blue Jays or Maple Leafs supporters in such a way. Do not do it with my club's fans.

STAG said...

Hee hee wdh, you would be bang on to trash talk Montreal Canadiens fans as car rolling, window breaking drunken thugs, but Torontonians are just too white bread nice!
Of course, drunken Ottawans just piss on national monuments during Canada Day celebrations, inflaming the ire of veterans across the nation!