Friday, July 11, 2008


I won tickets to see Kylie in concert on her last night in Glasgow, so my best friend, Coco/ Bob/ Bombo flew over from Toronto to see her with me.
Coco/ Bob taking a break from his knitting and keepin' it real

Glasgow crane

Knitting on the train to Edinburgh

National Portrait Gallery of Scotland

Vanity Fair Exhibition!

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Greyfrair's Bobby and Bobby's Bar!


Wednesday 9 July - Waiting for Kylie to take the stage and seriously dudes? I LOVE KYLIE!!!!
So I won tickets to see Kylie in concert on her last night in Glasgow and holy shit, the seats were second row, centre stage! The concert itself was amazing! Kylie is a fantastic singer and great performer; she was so sweet too and really interacted with the audience.

Opening of the concert...ohmigawd.....


Kylie looking hot with her homoerotic/ gay-inspired sailor dancers

Cheerleader Kylie and one of the best segments of the concerts

Kylie as a geisha girl

Opening of the second half of the show

Look how close she is to us!!!

Kylie in action!

More Kylie! Try to ignore Bob singing along and the dodgy camera work at times - we had shared a bottle of champagne earlier and were a bit tipsy/excited!

After the concert and standard stop at a gay bar for a drink, I took Bob to the ubiquitous Glasgow "chippie" for some chips and deep-fried sausages. Bob loved the deep-fried sausages and inhaled two of them under 2 minutes.

Coco, this one is for you:

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