Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I went to T in the Park for the first time this past weekend. T in the Park, for those outside Scotland, is a 3 day music festival - featuring all kinds of bands and musicians, drugs, overpriced booze, neds, and smelly campers - that takes place in a huge field in southeast Scotland. Being the diva that I am, I didn't camp but instead went for the day on Saturday. Paul and I arrived at around 1.00pm and had every intention of staying until 11.00pm in order to see Ben Folds and Rage Against the Machine perform.

That was before we knew better.

I know people absolutely love T in the Park but honestly, it's so fucking overrated; I'm just glad I had access to the "hospitality area" (with nice clean toilets) and didn't pay for my tickets.

Anyway, when we first arrived, it was fun - not too crowded yet with drunk neds screeching in slurring voices - and there was actually room to move in the band tents!


The line up!

Sons and Daughters in King Tut's Wah Wah Hut Tent!

Sons and Daughters

Trying to get a decent picture of Glasvegas. Yeah, not possible. I said it before and I will say it again, Glasvegas are the band to look out for.

Bacardi tent - later became ...bit dodgy....

Just some of the colourful costumes seen at T

The essential for any outdoor festival in the UK: rainboots (a.k.a wellies)


Paul scanning the impending festival and questioning his decision to attend T in the Park

After avoiding one too many beer cups being thrown around the band tents, we are not happy

At the Slam Tent - no idea who the DJ is but he was actually pretty awesome!

In the Ceilidh tent at T - again, totally awesome and fun! Who doesn't love a good ceilidh dance?

So, after paying too much for crap lager, stressing over flying beer and cups in the tents, and one too many drunk neds fighting, we were outta there to go home and watch T in the Park the way the good Lord intended: ON TV!

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