Sunday, August 17, 2008


Oh my god.

I just watched Channel 4's, Wife Swap, and witnessed one of the most deluded, chauvinistic, and lazy males to ever grace reality TV. Tony Butler, resembling a young and creepy-looking James Spader, is married to some Gothic Polish woman, and refused to do any housework or child-rearing - despite not having a job (he lives off benefits) and being in perfect health.

Wow. Tony Butler is totally up there - along with the crazy Christian lady from America's Trading Spouses - as one of reality tvs most vile and deluded characters.

Aforementioned crazy Christian lady and if you haven't seen it before, you gotta watch it!


Anonymous said...

I saw that episode. Did u see the 2nd one she was on? Just as nutty. I understand that she has passion for her fait, but come ON!!!

Joanna said...

I saw tonight's episode and that guy is just awful! he was very nasty to his kids. Makes me wonder why anyone would stay with him. Came across your blog and just had to comment! :)

Jennifer said...

Jclapp75 - No! I didn't see the crazy Christian lady in the 2nd episode?!! What happened? She was (is) absolutely fucking nuts.

Joanna - that Tony Butler dude is awful. At first I thought he had to be putting it on for the cameras but I honestly think he is that vile, lazy and insecure. I don't think, however, that he lacks the self-awareness and he totally realises how awful he is because WHY ELSE would he forbid his wife from going out (lest she realises too, how much of a twat he is and leaves his lazy ass)!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that program will prompt an investigation by the benefit fraud office? He is clearly capable of work but chooses not to!

Joanna said...

Jennifer - did you see how towards the end he said that he no longer asks for his breakfast to be cooked in the mornings and if he's hungry he'll 'politely ask for some toast'! why can't he put the toast on himself that lazy sod. I think she must have very low self esteem.

I'm pretty sure i saw that christian lady wife swap as well. didn't she tear up the envelope which said how the money was to be spent but then accepted it in the end?

Jennifer said...

Anonymous - I agree! I was really surprised that he went on the show and announced he was on benefits. Clearly he is in good enough health to hold down a job.

Joanna - yes, I saw that bit! He is clearly a man-child and refuses to do anything around the house, besides watch TV and smoke. HOW HARD IS IT TO PUT A PIECE OF DAMN BREAD IN A TOASTER?!

And yes, she ripped up the money because she thought it was tainted (with "dark unholy things") but in the end, she took accepted it! Best episode ever!

Harry said...

Wow, I love you. So much. This guy is my ex girlfriends stepfather (alicja butler). She complains how much of a total douche he is almost everyday.
I hope he dies.

Jennifer said...

Hey Harry

Thanks. Please tell me that his wife left him after watching the show? If you ever speak to him, tell him I think he is a massive twat. Cheers.

Jennifer said...
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