Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Other Election

Hey, did you hear about North America's other election? Yeah, probably not.

The lack of interest abroad in Canada's national politics is striking - probably partly a perennial stereotype of Canada as peaceful (read: boring) country, partly because the last eight years have required a heightened focus on the big bag of crazy that the institutional politics of Canada's southern neighbour has become. No one has benefited from this more than Harper: outside of Canada, there's barely been a mention of the fact that even calling this election is a violation of his earlier electoral promise to set fixed election dates, to stop politicians calling elections whenever they're in a favourable position in the polls (can you guess why Harper called the election now?).

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Jennifer said...

I am kind of annoyed we have to vote again when there was going to be a election next year anyways. Not that I am complaining about my right to vote, but it seems like we have been to the poles every two years. Guess it's kind of like a temp job, u don't like it, the nice thing is you can move on elsewhere in a short amount of time. Bit of variety :)