Thursday, October 02, 2008

Beautiful People
is the best thing I have seen on TV in a long time.

Maybe it's because I'm a confirmed hag or maybe it's because I am a friend of Dorothy, trapped in a woman's body, but I loved BBC Two's, Beautiful People.

The programme is based on the best-selling memoirs of Simon Doonan, Creative Director of Barney's, New York, who grew up in the very unglamorous city of Reading, England. The programme is set in 1997, with Simon and his best friend, Kyle (who prefers to be called, "Kylie", after his idol), dreaming of beautiful people, fabulous fashion, and show tunes.

If you missed the first episode, check it out on BBC's iPlayer here.

For more on Simon Doonan and all his fabulousness, check him out:

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Helena said...

It really is a fabulous comedy. I was hoping Suede's 'The Beautiful Ones' was going to be the theme tune as it would have fitted perfectly. Nonetheless, fine comedy with hopefully more wondeful 90's soundtracks (and superb scripts!) to come!