Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Small Update

We are halfway through our holiday in Canada and so far I:

- almost broke my nose
- fell in love with Montreal
- Briefly thought about becoming a Habs fan (still thinking about it)
- ate at the delicious Au Pied de Cochon in the Plateau
- flew in a helicopter
- argued with a racist family member (always fun and useless)
- had fabulous drinks at Chez Piggy on Thanksgiving
- had a beavertail in Ottawa

Tonight: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Anaheim Ducks at the Air Canada Centre. Go Leafs go!


David T. Macknet said...

Ahh, arguing with bigoted family members. Yup. Not so much.

Loth said...

Hi, Jennifer - popped in to see your place because I saw you on Life in Avalon's blogroll. As a Scot with a Canadian fixation, I suspect I'll be back! Especially since you are the only other person I have come across who is also watching and loving Beautiful People. The musical number in the street in the "auditions for Joseph" episode had me crying with laughter. Enjoy your hockey!