Saturday, December 13, 2008

If you live outside the UK, you've probably never heard of Boyzone - I know I hadn't until I moved over here. Apparently, they were a huge boy band in the 1990s from Ireland and recently regrouped. Check out their first TV appearance - one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

It should be noted that the dude in the brown vest, Stephen, came out as being gay. After watching him dance, it is clearly evident that he's an experienced circuit queen.

Also, since it's that time of year, check out the Irn Bru Christmas commercial - their take on the Snowman:


Christina said...

That Irn Bru ad is great! I hadn't seen it yet. And I know all the places in the ad now.

Melaina25 said...

The Irn-bru ad has been on a few years now, I'm still surprised they haven't gotten sued. There is a guy who does "paintings" on Buchanan street and he always does the Snowman but with wee kids with Celtic or Rangers scarves.

As for Boyzone, I have heard that my husband looks like Shane, the guy in the overalls, nice.

Loth said...

I love that advert. I was at my son's school carol concert and when the Woodwind Ensemble were playing a version of "Walking in the Air" it was the Irn Bru ad words I was singing in my head!