Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's quite strange to wake up in the West end of Glasgow one morning, and go to bed in a new flat on the South side but here we are; officially in our new digs in Shawlands.

I love the new flat but to be honest, it still doesn't feel like "mine". I love the enormous minimal kitchen, which overlooks a back yard and downtown Glasgow. I love the photographs which came with the place (pictures from all over the world - from Cambodia to Toronto to new Zealand). I'm looking forward to exploring the new area and have already found an awesome cafe which serves excellent coffee (like I said before, finding decent coffee in this city is tough).

Part of me misses the familiarity of the west end: going to my favourite restaurants, running around the park, seeing members of Franz Ferdinand and Billy Boyd. I'm sure I will grow to love Shawlands.

For all you Torontonians out there: in a way, Shawlands feels like the new West Queen West; where the West end of Glasgow was once hip and affordable, it's now expensive and overrun with out-of-towners out for a night on the tiles. Shawlands is more affordable and seems more "bohemian" (i.e. polite way of saying scruffy round the edges)!

Anyway, after this last move (my 4th!) my new mantra is, the next place I live in, "I am buying it and dying in it"; I hate moving!

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Squirmy Popple said...

I never see celebrities in the west end! However, Adrian claims to have seen Robert Carlyle a few times.