Tuesday, February 03, 2009

On Saturday night, Paul and I went to dinner at Grand Fish and Chips in the Merchant City with friends, before heading off to Mono for some drinks with even more friends. As a Canadian the name, "Mono", for a bar/ restaurant always seemed slightly curious to me - that word being a shortened term for Infectious Mononucleosis in North America and to me, conjures up memories of high school and many afflicted friends suffering from the dreaded "mono".

During our drinks at Infectious Mononucleosis or rather, Mono, one of Paul's friends pointed out David Shrigley, who was having a drink behind us. More than likely you may not recognise the name but you would his drawings (see above). Especially if you read the Guardian on a Saturday. He's a great artist and perhaps Glasgow's most famous contemporary one at that.

Yet another reason why Glasgow is one of the coolest cities in the world.

If you've seen the Scottish film, Hallam Foe, you'll recognise that he did the opening title sequence as well:

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