Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(Long) Weekend in Pictures

Paul's work: Glasgow Sheriff Court (the busiest court in Europe, apparently)

Easter! I cooked and baked for seven people (and didn't poison them either)

In Transatlantic news, the (fairly) new Minister for Culture, External Affairs, and the Constitution - Mike Russell (Scottish Nationalist Party) - is, or was by the time I post this, in Canada for something called, Scotland Week.

Tartan Day has apparently been extended from one day (April 6th) into one week, to promote uh, Scotland and tourism?

Watch Mike Russell's address to the Economic Club of Canada - it sounds boring but it's actually quite interesting. All you Canadians will be able to understand him too - dude BARELY sounds Scottish; he has that weird posh mid-Atlantic accent.

And of course, what would the SNP's visit to Canada be without namedropping Mike Myers and analogies to Quebecois nationalist politics? From the National Post:

But Mr. Russell said that the "national conversation" has not been derailed by the financial crisis. "Had Scotland been independent, I suspect the circumstances would have been different. You've got to remember that the Royal Bank was paying very substantial taxes to the UK Treasury. Had Scotland been independent, we'd have been a good deal wealthier. We would also have had a sovereign oil fund to support us. I don't think the collapse of RBS is in any sense an argument against independence. Indeed, it may be an argument for independence. I think we'd have been able to regulate things in a way that would have suited us better," he said in an interview yesterday.

Like Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois, the nationalists in Scotland make the case that they would fare better if they were only able to go it alone -- while at the same time arguing that they don't get enough money from the central treasury.

Quite how Quebecers think they would would make up the $8-billion in equalization payments that the rest of Canada shovels into the province every year is anyone's guess but the argument seems to be catching hold -- support for the PQ is at its highest level in three years, according to a recent Leger poll.

And finally, in other news, I'm pretty chuffed to report that I'll be heading back to Belfast in the near future for two weeks. Although it's for work, and not pleasure, I'm still really looking forward to seeing and experiencing more of the city (oh, and working there, of course)!

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Jennifer said...

Good job on the Easter dinner and not poisoning anyone :) I can't believe the trees are blooming there already. Just starting to sprout here. My tulips are slowing popping out of the ground so spring is on it's way :) Weather has been lovely here. Calling for a high of 18 here tomorrow!!