Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today In Pictures

I tagged along to the Visteon (formally Ford) plant to meet some of the men in their 30th day of occupying the plant.

You see, a month ago, administrators from KPMG came into the plant to tell the 210 workers that all of them would be redundant with immediate effect and had six minutes to leave the plant. Pay out was to be a farce. A spontaneous sit-in/ occupation started and has continued since then.

It's very eerie, walking around the plant, because everything has been left as it was since the workers were told to vacate the premises. Machines lie idle, work boots lay at the foot of lockers, and car parts (for Ford cars exclusively) lie in boxes awaiting shipment.

However, it was very touching to see how much the local community, and Belfast as a whole, have come together to support these men (and women). Today, for example, they were presented with food and care packages by Curleys, a grocery store located on the Falls Road.

Read more here, here and here.

Thanks to Norman for the tour (be sure to check out his photos!)

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Phil said...

Six minutes. What utter w*&kers.