Saturday, May 09, 2009


After almost two weeks in Belfast, I'm back in Glasgow amongst the great unwashed and just my luck, Celtic have just lost to Rangers (1-0). Accordingly, I'm not going to venture outside today - well, not beyond my local shop anyway.

My luck started running out last night when Danny, my cousin, drove me to the airport and we were told that my flight was delayed from 9.30pm to 12midnight. After a few grumblings, Danny and I sat down in the sterile and fluorescent lounge that is Belfast International Airport. After about an hour of some engrossing conversation (some of which was quite horrific), Danny happened to look up and notice that my flight was suddenly boarding and it was FINAL CALL. After saying farewell, I had to rush through security, where I was asked to take off my shoes, of course, I ran to my gate and then out onto the runway to board my flight.

Anyway, pictures from my last two weeks in Belfast and beyond:

Somewhere in South Armagh (as seen from a speeding car)

South Armagh (a.k.a. Bandit Country): The Provisional IRA South Armagh brigade was notorious during the Troubles and indeed, South Armagh became the most heavily militarized area in the North during those times.

Somewhere in the South / Republic of Ireland

The South

Castleblayney, Ireland
View from outside St Patrick's in Crossmaglen, South Armagh

Shooting in the South
...and then it started to rain and then hail

Castleblayney again
Statue in the square of Crossmaglen

The Great Hall in Stormont

Paul in Belfast

The Cloth Ear in the Cathedral Quarter, Belfast

Belfast City Hall at night

My diner!
Downtown Belfast
Belfast Exposed gallery in the Cathedral Quarter- there was a great exhibition on about Long Kesh/ Maze and Bernadette Devlin - McAliskey

A young Bernadette: She remains the youngest woman ever to have been elected to British parliament
Statue of James Larkin in Cathedral Quarter

St Anne's Cathedral

Belfast City Hall as seen from the Linen Hall Library

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