Friday, June 05, 2009


For my 30th birthday, Paul and I went to Budapest for four days.

Budapest is somewhat like Paris, but without all the art, culture and world-renowned food. It's got grand boulevards, history, beautiful architecture but seriously, what is UP with all the rude locals?! If they weren't outright ignoring you or grimacing at you, they were trying to rip you off and over charge you for hummus (true story!) Don't get me wrong - I really liked Budapest but dudes aren't the friendliest bunch of people. Maybe it's a cultural / language difference or maybe I've just been spoilt by living in the overly friendly Glasgow.

Upon walking into the Tisza Cipo shoe store, Paul and I were greeted by the two store employees who just glared at us. I cracked a smile, said "hello" and browsed the shoes. After picking up a pair and taking it to the employee, I asked for a size 40 (size 9 in Canada / size 7 in UK) to which he replied, "really? this is big size!" Of course I immediately thought of that Kelly Shoes skit on youtube (see below) and felt like replying, "oh. FUCK YOU!"

After dropping almost $300 on Tisza Cipo shoes, Paul and I still weren't offered a smile or a thanks or a "bye". I mean, how dare we go over there with our extravagent western money and buy some overpriced former communist hipster shoes, right?

Would I go back? Yeah, maybe. Will I? probably not. Personally I'd suggest Paris and/ or Antwerp.

Hotel shower

hotel room: we stayed at the chic Hotel Palazzo Zichy

Paul over the Danube river

Buda Castle

Parliament Building

Gellert spa and baths

Dinner at the yummy, amazing and cheap Cafe Kor

And just for good measure - here's an older photo of me on our street, on my way to go snowboarding, and flippin' off Paul (who was in our flat). This photo slays me.

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