Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear Tim Hortons

I am a Canadian currently residing in Glasgow, Scotland. Recently, I have noticed that some convenience stores in the UK (Spar), have been carrying "Tim Hortons" coffee and donuts. However, upon drinking the aforementioned "Tim Hortons" coffee it is, in fact, NOTHING like the decent Tim Hortons coffee that I know and love. Upon further inspection, it appears that Tim Hortons have merely licensed out its brand to Cuisine de France, who, in all honesty, have done a disservice to the Tim Hortons brand (not to mention Canadians abroad) and are pedalling utter crap.

When I first noticed that Spar were advertising Tim Hortons coffee, I literally screamed and ran into the store and was ecstatic to get a little taste of home. Imagine my disappointment then when I actually tried the coffee! As for the "donuts", a quick glance revealed that they were dry and did not even resemble Tim Hortons donuts (nor actual donuts, if I'm completely honest).

So, please Tim Hortons! Do not taunt us Canadians abroad! Please please PLEASE open a proper store over here. Recent North American chains have started up here in the last 10 years (i.e. Subway and Quiznos) to much success and expansion. Isn't it time that Tim Hortons did too? So, forget America and come to the UK!

I desperately miss my Tim Hortons coffee in the morning!

Many thanks


Christian Muise said...

Now that's an idea I could support...the Tinderbox just doesn't cut it.

Jennifer said...

Tinderbox is good, as is Heart Buchanan coffee on Byres Road. Tim Hortons is just comfort coffee, you know?

Oh, and I see you made it to Glasgow! That's awesome. What do you think of it?

David T. Macknet said...

You know, the whole idea of coffee in the UK ... is just lost, somehow. They really don't get it. I mean, I worked at a coffee shop in the Napa Valley (talk about coffee snobs!). This stuff? The stuff they make all over Scotland wouldn't be fit for an AA meeting, much less for anybody who knew what good coffee tasted like.

Now - when's the last time you heard of a taco shell containing wheat flour? Or a tortilla chip containing potatoes? Oh. Right. You live here.

Christian Muise said...

Pretty awesome. We managed to get a place up near the Strathclyde Uni (where I need to go in to work), and we've been running ragged with extra-curricular activities ;).

West end festival has far too much to see...

Anonymous said...

Hi to "Tim Hortons". I am Scottish but often holiday in Canada, in fact I had a holiday home near Lindsay Ontario but due to personal circumstances have had to sell my holiday home causing much heartache especially now that I cannot get your Boston Cream donuts or coffee. I had to bring supplies home with me for my his now extended family. I can't do this now so please, please consider opening a franchise in Glasgow, Scotland. Best Regards