Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Things I Love About Summer in Scotland:

1. There is still a glimmer of light at 11.00pm

2. No need for AC (air conditioning) as it rarely goes above 26C (perfect for this northern soul Canadian)

3. People go on holiday ("vacation") for two weeks, usually to another country, and fully expect you to do likewise.


~Feather.Wing~ said...

Oh it sounds awesome!! I found your blog while stumbling around, I love it! I've always felt Scotland pulling me in, I can't explain it. I'm from Windsor, Ontario, so not far from your native TO. But I definitely have the a/c cranked today, it's 33C, and terribly humid. Is it humid in Glasgow?

David T. Macknet said...

There's more than just a glimmer of light - it's downright oppressive! The sun doesn't go down 'til 11:30 these days, and comes up at 4:30 ... and that's just the technicality: it's still light 'til well after midnight, and starts to get light at 3:30! Craziness!

As to the temperatures ... we're frightened that we'll never adjust back to California, 'cause 20°C seems way to hot for us now. That is NOT normal for a Californian.