Friday, July 03, 2009

Paul Hartley Watch


Paul Hartley is going to Bristol City. I don't even know where Bristol is (what? I'm Canadian and live in Scotland), but it looks like I'm going to be a part-time Bristol City fan, in addition to Celtic. My interest in Celtic has taken a hit; who else am I going to watch on the pitch while feigning interest in Celtic!?

I adore Paul Hartley - I think he's a great player who gave his all for Celtic. More importantly, however, I think he's hot.

To me, he's hot because he doesn't look anything like a footballer. Rather, when he lets his beard scruff grow (*swoon*), he looks like a sensitive and dishevelled artist/musician/ bohemian babe and what cultured lady doesn't love that homeless artsy look?! Seriously, the more it looks like he rolled out of a dumpster, the hotter Hartley is!

Better get that number 11 Celtic jersey before it's too late.

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