Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Foreign and Home Affairs Analysis with my Nanny

My recently widowed Grandmother (a.k.a. "Nanny") called me last night around 11.00pm. I think she still gets confused by the time difference.

Obviously I love her but she does offer loads of (unintentional) comic relief. She once sent me a letter addressed to "Scotchland" - which summed it up, really.

- Hello?

- Hi, Jennsy (Note: my nickname), how are ya? How's your arm? (Note: I had the swine flu vaccination last week)

- Hi, Nanny. Yes, my arm is better, thanks.

- Are you ok? There isn't flooding there. Is there?!

- No, it's just raining a lot lately but no flooding

- Well, I saw on the news that there was flooding in England and in the South of Scotland. Are you sure you're ok?

- Yes, Nanny, fine.

- Ok. I also saw on the news that there was a car bomb found in Belfast; it's all starting up again. Why can't they all just get along?!?! They're all Christians....!?

- Well, yes, but that's only part of it. Some people in Northern Ireland want to join the South - the Republic of Ireland - while others want to remain part of Great Britain.

- Whaaaaaat!?

- Yes, Nanny.

- The South? You mean....Ireland?

- Yeah

- Well....why won't Great Britain just let them then?

- Uh, well, not everyone wants them too, I guess.

- Whaaaaaat!?

I gave up after that.


Squirmy Popple said...

"Scotchland" - I love it! Incidentally, I kept seeing these "Scotch Steak Houses" in London, which seemed a bit weird.

David T. Macknet said...

I think that "Scotch Steak" is either 1) steak which has been marinated in whiskey, or 2) those tasty Highland Cattle. Either way....

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corbie said...

hope you don't mind me stalking your journal for the next while. ;D the hubby and i are a pair of canucks (alberta) who are tentatively thinking of the big move to scotland. we took a vacation there last september and that's all we've thought about for months.

we both fell in love with it there and are now in the process of weighing the pro's and con's of such a big move. at our age, selling everything and starting all over again is huge. :P