Monday, January 25, 2010

I've been in Scotland for almost four years now and have never attended a Burns Night Supper. In a way, I do feel like I have missed out on one of those "essentially Scottish" experiences: I've been to an Old Firm game and yet, have never been to a traditional Burns night. Then again, I don't eat meat so it would be a little pointless to attend an entire evening dedicated to a sheep's stomach, whiskey and poetry.

However, I have had vegetarian haggis and LOVE it. If I ate meat, I'm sure I'd love haggis too. In fact, the cafeteria at my work often serves up vegetarian haggis and it is delicious! I seriously love that stuff and like the real stuff, I have no idea what the vegetarian haggis is made from and frankly, don't want to know.

Happy Burns Night, Y'all!

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