Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ever since moving to Scotland almost four years ago, there's something that's been bothering me.

What is with the freezing washrooms over here?!

No matter where I go: be it a posh restaurant or a dingy pub for a pint, the washrooms are absolutely BALTIC. Even if the restaurant or pub is sweltering, upon stepping into Scottish washrooms, it's like stepping into a walk-in freezer.

Such mysteries even extend to my own flat. I can have the heat blazing and yet my washroom maintains the same frigid air as if it weren't even on.

What gives?!


Melaina25 said...

My office is in a listed-type building and the bathrooms were FREEZING because there was no radiator.

I keep our en-suite radiator on a higher temperature than our bedroom to avoid getting woken up during the middle of the night by an icy toliet seat.

David T. Macknet said...

The windows don't seal as efficiently in the bathrooms, 'cause they're opened more frequently and/or the sills get rotty & irregular. Get some silicone caulk and seal that window, and there ya go. :)

Lochinvar said...

I'd hate to visit that toilet pictured, there's no toilet tissue!!

Unknown said...

Perhaps idea behind it is the cold keeps the loo from smelling like an outside shitter. I'd pefer a cold seat to getting the dry heaves.

Anonymous said...

For some reason the water in our bathroom sink refuses to get warm..ever. I feel like a polar bear trying to wash my hands or face in there.

David T. Macknet said...

Ahh, the plumbing and heating woes of this country. We wondered why our kitchen sink wouldn't ever give us hot water, so I got under there and turned the valve on ... and promptly had a flood of water all over the floor. They'd left an extra pipe un-capped.

As to the chilly toilets being intentional: doubt it. You'd think they'd do anything possible to encourage good hygiene, would you not?