Thursday, April 01, 2010

Monday 29 March marked my fourth year in Scotland.

I can't believe it's been four years already!

Here I am with my best friend, Bob, at Toronto International Airport, waiting for my flight to Glasgow. It was exciting but also quite upsetting and sad. There is rarely a day that goes by and I don't miss my family and friends in Canada.

Happy Anniversary! Now, can someone in Canada send me some more Tim Hortons coffee, please? I finished my stash a couple days ago and I am jonesing for it bad!


PurestGreen said...

Happy anniversary! I'm due to hit five years in May. WooHoo!

Z said...

Hey! Torontonian here, born and raised. I'll be in Glasgow come May 1st for a few months (work's sending me over) -- I found your blog a couple months ago when I first heard I was heading over and (though it's now some time after this was first posted), I'd be glad to bring you some tins of Tim's.

If you're truly keen on it, I suppose you can comment here and I'll email you / you email me / we can get it sorted.

Jaimie said...

Hey there!
I'm from Ontario as well. I've just moved to Glasgow last week (with a 5 year visa).
I think our mom's know each other through work or something.
Anyway, just wondering if you could use a new friend or show me the ropes!
ps. amazing blog. Love it!

Jennifer said...

Hi Z/ Jaimie

happy to help, offer advice but currently on holiday in Barcelona and may be stuck here for some time due to volcano. Email though:

Why Mom Drinks Rum said...

That was me on Saturday! I moved...within a week of my fiance leaving Canada to go back to Glasgow I packed up and here I am! Well...mostly. There was the whole 5 hours in immigration being interrogated. That was fun like a hole in the head. Glad I found your least there is someone else here who understands what I mean when I say 'zucchini'. Sigh. ~Holly

Jennifer said...

Hey Holly

Welcome! How are you finding it in Glasgow? It must be so hard with children; or do they view it as a big adventure?