Monday, June 21, 2010


I cannot believe that I have lived in Glasgow for four years and have only recently discovered Guy's Restaurant in Merchant City. It is, without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Glasgow. Perhaps even THE best. Having eaten there twice, in the last month alone, I can attest, however, that it has the most luscious sushi I have ever had. Both times I couldn't help myself and had to order it. Despite that it is a "starter", the sushi is so deliciously plump and fresh, I had it as a main - twice.

The first time I went to Guy's I couldn't help myself and ordered THREE (3!) starters: the luxurious homemade soup, grilled eggplant with maple syrup and finally, the sushi. Paul ordered the mussels, which were juicy and marinated in cream. For a main, he had the steak pie and commented that it was the best steak pie he had ever had - and as a west coast of Scotland dude, that is a hefty proclamation.

For dessert, we split the sticky toffee pudding.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, there is even live jazz. On Friday night, Big John provided the singing - which was actually really lovely and totally fitting for Guy's. Paul and I know John, as he dates Paul's Aunt.

This is what was left over from the spicy tuna sushi. I simply couldn't wait and had to demolish it immediately.

So despite being a Glaswegian, my pal, Claire, has actually never been to Guy's so on Thursday, I took Claire to try Guy's. Needless to say, she concurred that it may, indeed, be the best food in Glasgow.

We split the rosewater-infused pavlova, which was drizzled in real maple syrup. At one point, Guy himself came out to speak to us and asked how our food was. Seriously? As if he needed to ask?! We then discussed the merits of REAL maple syrup (the darker stuff - amber - that I prefer).

Claire, unable to speak - the food was so delicious that even the chattiest Glaswegian ever, had nothing to say.

My love affair with Scottish summers continues. Behold, this was taken last night from our apartment at 11.00pm. The weather the last few weeks has been amazing !

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David T. Macknet said...

What's really sad is that I've been thinking that it's too hot. For a Californian, that's a terrible thing to realize: I've adapted.

Look forward to trying out this restaurant!