Friday, December 31, 2010

I'll be honest - I'm somewhat happy to see the back of 2010. Personally, however, there were a few good moments:

  • Canada won Gold in Hockey at the 2010 Olympics on home turf (both the Men's and Women's team)
  • Watching the Olympics, as a Canadian abroad, made me weepy and proud
  • I went to Barcelona - my first time in Spain - and fell in love with the food and people
  • I *finally* ate at one of the best restaurants in Glasgow: Guy's
  • I really REALLY got into cycling (which is both joyous and rage-inducing)
  • Paul and I had an AMAZING time whilst back in Canada
  • Paul and I went back to Catalonia, Spain, for Paul's 30th birthday
  • I discovered there was hockey - IN GLASGOW!

So, bring on 2011 and here's to more hockey games, fantastic food, and better cycling lanes in Glasgow in the new year! If you want to check out what a traditional Hogmanay in Scotland is like, be sure to stream BBC Scotland's Hogmanay programme here. It kicks off at 11.45pm (UK Time - 6.45pm Eastern Standard time and is available to stream around the globe, so there's no excuse!)


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