Friday, December 24, 2010

It goes without saying that around this time of year, I get particularly homesick for friends, family and Canada. I find myself getting weepy at Christmas commercials and even more farklempt than usual while watching the beautiful film, It's A Wonderful Life (side note: I always get nostalgic for the annual showing of it on the CBC).

That said, do you know what I'm missing more than anything right now? Canada's ability to DEAL with snow. Good god, by Scotland's reaction (or lack of) to the snow and ice, you would think that we live in some tropical paradise; never mind that Glasgow's latitude is almost the same as Moscow's. Scotland and the UK as a whole, DO NOT know how to prepare, anticipate and deal with snow and ice; the whole country comes to a standstill. It's absolutely ridiculous that Heathrow Airport completely shuts down when there is a snowfall.

Sorry y'all, I'm a tad bit bitter, you see, because a week ago today, I had a MAJOR wipeout while running along Byres Road (one of the busiest and hippest streets in Glasgow), and only managed to break my fall with my head (my hands were full with christmas presents). Suffice to say, it was mortifying and not to mention very fucking painful. Thankfully, four guys came to my rescue and helped me up and one even offered to take me for a coffee (I was in a bit of a shock). I thanked them for their help but declined the coffee as I was rushing off to meet my friend, Kate. In the end, Kate had to take me to Emergency (or "A &E" as they call it over here) at the Western Hospital. Turns out, I have a concussion (not a big deal, really) and a black eye.

Dudes, it is nasty. I look like a proper hard Glaswegian now.

So hot, eh? Trust me, it looks way worse in person although now it's turned into a nice yellow hue.

Anyway, prior to my brain injury, Paul and I managed to get a decent sized tree this year.

Only thing is, I didn't buy enough LED lights for it. Damn.

More importantly, my friend, Lauren, finally managed to get her Masters of Science - Yaaaah! We celebrated last Thursday night by having (overpriced) drinks in Prices Square and getting drunk as is the traditional Scottish way.

So, everyone, I'm missing you very much and hope to see you soon. So, with that, have a happy Christmas! More importantly, have a funky, funky Christmas!


Melaina25 said...

I could have written this exact post, NKOTB and all.

I think we need to meet up for a coffee sometime soon!

Jennifer said...

For sure - you can send me an email at

merry christmas x

Sarah said...

Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to de-lurk to say that I too get homesick this time of year. I ball like a baby when I watch the beginning of Love Actually...

Merry Christmas and hope your eye gets better!

Best wishes

David T. Macknet said...

Yikes, on the brain damage! Hope you heal up soon!

Jennifer said...

Hi Sarah

I am so glad you decided to de-lurk because I've just gone through and read your ENTIRE blog: I love it! And I'm also insanely jealous of your Hudson's Bay blanket!!!

Do you know what is funny? You posted about the Lovely Pine Cones of Canada poster by Sharilyn (Lovely Design) and i love those very posters in my flat!

Jennifer said...

thanks, david. I had a concussion and it was terrible; I felt absolutely exhausted for a week straight.

Jessica said...

OMG! Your POOR BRAIN! Dude, that's crazy, and I hope you're feeling better/looking less like Tie Domi.

I hear you ENTIRELY about the snow. I can't help but be surprised every day by the fact that no ploughs have come by, and that the entire neighbourhood is shite for driving because the Belgians can't figure out what to do about snow, and they are OUT OF SALT.

Even though it's snowed for the past 3 winters here... pretty much always on the same day too.

Last night my 'belle-mere' said something about getting the army to do snow-removal and all I could think of was Mel Lastman while I tried not to laugh.

PS - Merry Christmas!

jenc said...

Merry Christmas Jen! Happy New Year too :)