Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh, dear. Has it really been over a month since I posted? What can I say? My life, as I used to know it, unravelled and then quickly took on a momentum that I was barely able to keep up with.

So what's happened? Well, since breaking up with my ex I went to Berlin and most recently, I moved house. As much as I loved my old flat on Queens Park, it was just too big (not to mention too expensive for one person) and quite honestly, it was "Our" place. When I first moved to Glasgow five years ago, I could easily find a nice flat within my price range and neighbourhood of choice. Recently, however, I struggled to find anything halfway decent (well, halfway decent for this diva anyway). Luckily, a girl at my work had a cute flat up for rent and it was within walking distance of my work. And dear readers, that is how I ended up in G O V A N.

Initially I was reluctant to move to Govan because, well, its reputation precedes itself; what was once the heart of a thriving Glasgow, has descended into a former shell of itself and is rife with poverty. It's truly sad because there are some stunning abandoned buildings in Govan that have been left to slowly crumble over time. Anyway, I have come round to the idea of living in Govan; sure there are no restaurants (well, apart from the Luv Cafe) and no pubs to drink in (I'm hard, yeah, but not THAT hard), but in a way I have fallen for it. I love Glasgow and Weegies and Govan is the epitome of this city: a once heavily-industrialised and rich place that, over time, spiralled into dire poverty and neglect. However, the city has really pushed to invest in the area once again.

I've also briefly tested the dating waters again. In the past, I had some horrific experiences with dating in Scotland, so this time round I've been very cautious. To be honest, I only went out on a couple dates just to see what's out there. It's been four years, you know? Who knows what the kids are doing these days. Mostly the dates were pleasant enough but it just lacked that elusive connection. In addition, I've been trying to enjoy my own company. I love my own space and time to pursue the things I want but after living with someone for almost four years, there is an adjustment period. For example, yesterday there was a HUGE beetle in my washroom (furry legs an' all) and sadly, no dude to run screaming to and ask them to deal with it. Even the beetles are more fucking scary in Govan.


jenc said...

Glad to hear it's going well in your new place and GL on future dates! Missed reading you for the past month :)

Timorous Beastie said...

I used to work in Govan. It was kind of rough, but I do think if investment went in and football went out (not much chance of that, I know), it could be lovely. Well positioned and, as you say, full of grand buildings.

Terhi said...

Hi! This was such a good post, I'm moving to Glasgow from Finland the coming fall and am in desperate need of advice in regards to housing. Any other tips on where to live as a single gal? I'm just clueless really. If you have some spare time to give me some tips, here's my email: