Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I had a date this past weekend. Like a proper North American style one wherein you actually go out for a meal or even better, A DAY TRIP AND A MEAL! Yes, it's true; I am trying to start a trend here, ladies! Let's get these dating-challegned Scottish dudes to up their ante! No more drinking in the pub with mates, drunken fumbles in the dark and then deciding what the status of your relationship is, amiright?!

Anyway, it's a somewhat strange situation: we've known each other for some time - strictly platonic - so going from friendly-terms to dating is a bit odd. It's even further complicated by other factors (TOP SECRET!) and you know, I gotta respect people's privacy an' all...

Nevertheless, my date took me to Largs, on the west coast of Scotland, to have lunch at the famous Nardini's, which I have never been to before. Oh. My. God. The ice cream. THE ICE CREAM!!!

Typical Scottish summer

The coast off of Largs

His ice cream sundae - hot toffee fudge

Hers - tablet toffee sundae

Oh no, my date knew better than to offer to share a sundae with me; this greedy bitch needs her own. I am North American, after all.


Anonymous said...


Melaina25 said...

He took you for icecream? WINNER!

Also don't know how else to let you know about this:

miniT said...

Do yourself a favor and get out of glasgow it is the lowest of the low, it will eventually destroy you, most people want to get out of glasgow not move there. It is almost a 3rd world city with 1st world history(in places)/opportunities). You are starting to realise that. Why waste your good North American upbringing on letting the people of glasgow destroy it?

The men are scared of dating because the women are so horrendous and insulting and immoral. They're scared of being humiliated so hence huddle up in groups to compensate. Think of russia. Scottish people have no idea about international relations, they think that food and money grow on trees and all needs will be met. Most have no idea where they're food and money come from, try slave labour for example. The days of the scottish inventors/scientists - scottish enlightenment - have long gone. As i said get out while you have a chance.

Jennifer said...

Melainia25 - winner, indeed. And the social media thing, it's on a work week during the day? I would go otherwise!

MiniT - Are you even Scottish or Glaswegian; I mean, do you speak from experience? Your comments are borderline offensive to women, Glaswegians, Scots and sweeping blanket statements in general. YOU WANNA SQUARE GO?????! 'MON THEN!!!

Besides, be the change you want to see in the world an' aw that.