Sunday, September 25, 2011


Saturday evening marked the first game of the season for the local hockey team, Braehead Clan and Lauren, Erica and I attended. We must be lucky puck bunnies because they won against the Dundee Stars: 6 - 0! Afterwards, we headed to the bar in the mall (gross - so North American to drink in a mall!) for some drinks.


Erica, totally getting into hockey and lovin' the body checks. She loves the sound of flesh being battered against the glass protector of the arena.

Lauren and I relishing the ability to drink at a sporting match in Scotland.

(L-R) Erica, me, and Lauren. I had "WoooOOOooo" in stereo Saturday night. Brilliant photo.

Hockey! In Scotland!

Saturday morning/ afternoon, before the hockey game, I cycled up to Aberfoyle, up Duke's Pass, and back to Glasgow. It seemed all the more difficult because the gears on my bike are fucked; I can't seem to shift down to my granny gear (yeah, that's right!) This is when I either need to become a female bike guru (so hot) or snag a cyclist boyfriend to help me with my bike (which, ultimately, I do love but lately I kinda feel like doing this to it - love that David Millar!)


Oh man, I love this country.

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Anonymous said...

Breathtaking over there Jen! Glad u post pictures, can live through your eyes even though I can't be there in person :) Keep blogging! Nice to see what goes on in other places besides my backyard LOL