Monday, November 14, 2011


Some of the best weekends I've had in Glasgow, are the ones where you're without plans or direction and then suddenly, you find yourself out on the town with near-strangers, having an awesome time; a true testament to the friendliness of weegies and most folks that live here. Indeed, even this morning, I was struggling with my bike lock at the grocery store, and a lovely older man came over and helped me unlock it (it's gone a bit rusty and tends to stick when unlocking). I've had countless friendly run-ins with the locals.

On Friday night, a woman from my work was leaving and so, to celebrate, we had a couple drinks at our work. Which then turned into a couple more drinks with more colleagues at a local pub. Which then turned into ending the night by eating at an AMAZING Malaysian-Chinese restaurant: Asia Style. Seriously. How have I lived in Glasgow for almost six years and have never eaten here?! And really, I have no excuse when they're open until 2.30am - it was almost like being back home in Toronto, in Chinatown!

Ohmygawd. That is spicy Kang Kung with shrimp (or, "king prawn", if you're of the British persuasion). Side order of coconut rice. AMAZING! Albeit spicy but you know me, I'm a pro when it comes to eating.

Some work colleagues had congee (advertised as porridge on the menu. Hey, this is Scotland; we love our porridge). Not pictured: Malaysian pancakes 'cause we inhaled them too quickly. Highly recommended.

To burn off all the Malaysian/ Chinese food I inhaled on the previous night, I cycled out to Lennoxtown on Saturday to visit my friend, Erica, who had surgery on her right ear. Poor Erica has had more surgery than most people I know (apart from my best friend in Toronto, Bob - a.k.a. Coco/ Cocobaby/Bombo/ Seymourbeast - who has had countless chemo/ bone-breaking operations than I care to recall and bitch hasn't even had cosmetic surgery! yet). Anyway. Every time I cycle out to and around Lennoxtown, I am endlessly blown-away by the scenery and reminded just how luck Erica (and her husband, Mike) are to live out that way.

This is one of my favourite stretches of road on the way out to Lennoxtown. On a good day you can see Ben Nevis (I think?) in the distance.


What a place, eh? Not pictured? The highland cows I saw roaming by the road. Damn. Next time.


Charlie said...

Sorry Jen, its Ben Lomond in the distance.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up!


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