Thursday, October 04, 2012

Two Drifters Off To See The World

So G and I got back from Canada a couple weeks ago; it was G's first time in Canada and surmise to say, he wants to emigrate. How serious he is remains to be seen, however. Obviously as a fervent Canadian, I love my home country and I miss it dearly but am I ready to move back to Canada? I'm not sure. There are so many elements that I miss about it though: the four distinct seasons, decent coffee, cream for my coffee, amazing sushi in abundance, friends, family and of course, Montreal bagels.

Did I mention the weather?

Coming back to Glasgow, this time round, was really hard for me. Saying goodbye to my oldest friend, Bombo/Coco, was sad for me and strangely, I found myself missing his chubby wee bulldog too. I suppose after my recent health run-ins, it was nice to just go back home, stuff my face with doughnuts and coffee and not worry too much about the ever-increasing growth on one of my internal organs.

Which brings me back to reality; back to Glasgow; back to the rain; back to more tests and ultimately surgery.

But at least I'm back in the city I fell in love with; back amongst the grumpy and warm people of Glasgow; back on track to getting healthy; back to cycling in the land of rolling hills and £2.50 for shite coffee.

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