Friday, September 06, 2013

Back From Summer Sabbatical

Oh, hi. It's been a busy summer but still, not really. Here's a brief catch-up in pictures and a few words. 


23 JuneThe British Cycling Road Championships were in Glasgow and we went along to cheer on my favourite cyclist, David Millar. (Alas, he came third. Mark Cavendish won, of course). 


1 July: We were invited along to a pancake breakfast at the Canadian High Commission in London. 

Oh, dear. A Canada Day faux-pas. The breakfast was sponsored by Clark's Maple Syrup, who proceeded to give out free recipe pamphlets - which included a recipe for AMERICAN pancakes. Oh, for fuck's sake.

Canadian High Commissioner to the UK, Gordon Campbell, opening the Canada Day celebrations at Canada House.

Canada Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square, which included street hockey, overpriced shitty "poutine" and "butterscotch pancakes". Not to mention ONE Canadian beer for sale: Molson Canadian. Now, this was my first Canada Day celebrations that I have been to in London, and I hate to say it but it was a massive let down. I thought for sure that there would be stalls selling hard-to-find Canadian goodies like Canadian wine, Tim Horton coffee, Hudson Bay stuff, MAPLE SYRUP, and other fairly obvious Canadian stuff. Instead, there were corporate stalls set up by Blackberry (ok, a Canadian invention, sure, but I didn't go to Canada Day Celebrations to get the latest Blackberry), Canadian Affair airlines and other corporate shills I didn't bother to go around to.  Gutted.

 Tattoos: One of the best parts of my trip to London, was the opportunity to get tattooed at one of the best studios in the UK: The Family Business. Everyone in the shop was super nice, accommodating and not to mention very talented.


Hair: blonder / shorter. 

And finally, the song of the summer:

Enjoy your weekend, y'all x


Mandy Indonesia said...

Thanks, Buddy. I have also enjoyed your blog and will continue to check in to read your posts.

Anonymous said...

You are a doll and I'm loving your blog. I was in Scotland last fall and I'm going again a year from this fall. I'm from St. Louis, the home of Anheuser Busch, and let me tell you girl, I had so much fun in the Highlands I can't EVEN tell you. Of course, I'm a party girl at heart anyway, and those men love to party. I kept up with them though and that's why they liked me. Oh, and did I like them! They are delicious. Yes, they're not shy when they're shitfaced, that's for sure!! You are so right about the banter...they love a gal who gives them shit with a smile on her face. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this magnificent blog. I love your hair, you look like a fun person. I love Glasgow, but I was lost for 3+ hours last September in that town, so I think I'll just grab a car and drive straight up to the Highlands next year. I don't know though, the Glasgow Hilton is wonderful, and I love to walk down to City Centre to the Western Union to change out my cash. Oh, my experience was that Scottish people are friendly and awesome for the most part too. I got along fine with most of them... there were a couple of wait staff people that were mouthy, especially in the pubs. Don't call anybody honey. What is considered sweet in America is not appreciated in Scotland. They take it as a come on. Did you find that as well? You take care and keep up the good work! Love, e.z.